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Facebook PPC

The Facebook ads platform has come a really long way over the past two to three years and is now a serious asset to any marketing campaign.

Facebook works in a completely different way to Google, with Google only able to intercept a finite flow of potential customers searching specifically for your product or service and Facebook instead allowing you to target pools of customers based upon their behaviour, demographics and interests.

With over 40 million users in the UK alone and an abundance of targeting options, we’ve delivered excellent results for clients through the Facebook platform.

Our Facebook PPC experts will get the most out of your campaigns and create the best possible campaign types for your product/service and industry.

We’re a certified Facebook Marketing Partner

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner means that we deliver quality customer service, offer a competitive advantage to clients, have received training to help business grow online.

Why work with Maley Digital?

  • We only do PPC, nothing else.
  • Each member of our team has a minimum of five years PPC experience.
  • We have a low minimum management fee, which means businesses of almost all sizes can work with us.
  • We don’t require long contracts, we’re confident in our ability to deliver.
  • We work remotely across the UK. Flash city centre offices, office dogs, bean bags, pool tables and fancy coffee machines are not factored into our management fees.
  • Our Google Ads audits are the most thorough, insightful, and actionable in the industry.
  • 100% of our reviews are 5 star and growing every week.
  • Oh and we’re a Google Partner, but who isn’t?

A few of our Facebook PPC clients

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