PPC Audit

We pride ourselves on creating audits that are comprehensive and commercially lead, whilst being easy to understand. We are only looking to work with clients that we can add value to on a long term basis and subsequently if we don’t think that your business can benefit significantly from PPC (it doesn’t work for every business – we wrote an article that explains why here) or if your PPC is already being managed excellently, we’ll tell you that.

We offer free audits for any client looking for a new partner for their Paid Media. Our audits are comprehensive and informative and are designed to highlight the main opportunities available to improve performance, and give you an insight into how we would approach the management of your Paid Media should you wish to move forward.

What our standard audits are not is a step by step guides of how to implement the changes we suggest, or long term strategy advice. We typically spend 2 – 5 hours on a PPC audit of this type which allows us to cover the core fundamentals, however if you’re looking for more of a guided hand in terms of PPC strategy and long term support you should consider our In-House PPC Consultancy service instead where we can support your Paid Media Strategy in a much more hands on way without needing to fully manage it.

Please see below for an idea of what you can expect from our PPC audits depending on the industry you operate within and your experience to date with PPC.

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    Google Ads Audit

    A I've not ran PPC Campaigns before

    If you have never ran Google Ads or PPC campaigns before then we have no previous performance or data to go from, and subsequently our audit becomes more of a proposal that breaks down keyword research and an approximate strategy based on your business goals and objectives.

    As part of this service, we will conduct keyword research on your behalf, presenting back options to you to demonstrate the size of the market you operate in and giving indications of potential traffic and budget options. We use all of the tools available at our disposal, but ultimately you will never know how the campaigns will perform for you until you trial this in the real world.


    B I'm already running PPC

    If you’re already running or have ran PPC Ads in the past, our approach is very much to combine your business goals and objectives from our conversations and combine this with the data which we are able to gather from reviewing your previous/existing Google Ads performance.

    Because you have already ran campaigns before, we are able to more accurately predict how much of a difference we can make to your campaigns from our management and will guide you on this as part of our proposal with our improvement scale, which is covered in more detail below.

    E-Commerce PPC Audits

    The full E-commerce Audit is only possible if you are already running campaigns, otherwise the audit is very much the same as we have covered in the ‘Google Ads Audit – I’ve not ran PPC campaigns before’.

    Where there is previous data available to us, we can take E-commerce PPC audits that step further and also include a detailed Shopping feed analysis.

    The quality of your Product feed that is input into platforms such as Google Shopping or Facebook Catalogues (specifically the character lengths of your titles and descriptions, placement and use of keywords and use of attribute categories) can have a significant impact on both how visible your campaigns are and how well they will perform, therefore we can gain a significant insight into how much your performance could be improved by auditing the Product feed in addition to your Ad account performance.

    Lead Generation PPC Audits

    For businesses that are focused on lead generation and not direct online sales, the approach varies slightly to that of an E-commerce business.

    We understand that single leads can carry significant value and as a major action in a lead generation PPC audit, we thoroughly review your ability to track and monitor the leads that Paid Media is able to generate for you.

    Lead generation campaigns, particularly when it comes to Google Ads rely on a water-tight account structure, granular level campaigns and regular bid optimisation, so this is something that we’d really scrutinise and feedback to you on as a part of a Lead Generation PPC audit.

    Facebook Ads Audits

    The ultimate goal from a Facebook Ads account audit is the same as any platform, but the way the platform is managed is often very different to how a Google or Microsoft Ads account would be managed.

    Facebook is arguably an easier platform for a novice advertiser to get started on, but at the same time we find there is a larger gap in terms of performance for even moderately experienced specialists in comparison to Facebook Ad experts and it’s one of the platforms that clients more commonly write-off as not being profitable before they’re accounts have been reviewed by seasoned veterans.

    Facebook Ad audits are subsequently shorter in length than a Google Ads audit (for example), but subtle changes and proper use of features can have a big impact on performance, of which we’ll advise you on.

    PPC Audit Results

    We’re keen to ensure that the information we present back to you in our audits is useful and insightful, giving you an accurate idea of where your PPC is and how much we think it could be improved. In order to help us illustrate this, we have now created a scoring mechanism for your PPC performance.

    The mechanism will score your account from 1 to 5 in terms of how much we believe the PPC performance could be improved by, based on the audit that we undertake.

    Your PPC performance is performing excellently and is being managed pro-actively. We don’t recommend that you make any major changes or switch provider unless there are commercial or business reasons for doing so.

    On the whole your PPC performance is strong, however there are some opportunities being missed which could lead to an improvement in performance. We are confident core KPI’s could be improved by 10 – 20% within our first 3 months.

    The PPC performance and set up is ok and follows best practice in most areas. However, there are some core aspects of management being missed or neglected. We are confident that we could improve core KPI’s by 20 – 40% within our first 3 months.

    Your PPC performance is not the worst that we’ve come across, however there are substantial opportunities being missed and signs that your current provider is either not giving your Paid Media enough attention or hints that they lack experience. We are confident that we can improve your core KPI’s by 50% + within our first 3 months.

    Your Paid Media performance (for whatever reason) has been completely neglected and set up to only the most basic extent. What you could gain from well managed Paid Media is not comparable to what you’re currently experiencing. We are confident that we could improve your core KPI’s by 100%+ within our first 3 months.

    Why work with Maley Digital?

    • We only do PPC. We have invested the time to perfect our approach and do not offer any other service.
    • Our team have a minimum of five years’ experience in PPC-only roles.
    • We don’t have to manage your Paid Media Channels, we also offer a PPC Audit and In House PPC Consultancy service for businesses where this is not appropriate.
    • All clients are managed by a single Paid Media Manager per channel, who manages their account from start to finish, from implementation to reporting.
    • We do not pay to enter industry awards so that we can cite ourselves as an ‘award winning’ agency. Our measure of success is the improvement in performance we’re able to deliver for our clients and the feedback they share with us.
    • Our biggest commercial investment is our resource, for which we offer market leading renumeration and benefits in return for exceptionally high standards.
    • We have minimised unnecessary overheads, such as high-tech offices and opted for a predominantly remote model of working with a modest HQ based in Chester. The result being an excellent value service in comparison to our average competitor.
    • We are rated 5.0 on Reviews.io by our clients and 100% of our clients would recommend us.
    • We don’t require long contracts and relish the opportunity to prove our worth to you.