Fireproofing Specialist (White Label)

Client Since

August 2020



Campaign Category

Lead Generation PPC


The Client

This client is one of our White Label Agency clients which we protect by making them anonymous. This company is a London based commercial fire proofing specialist, offering services such as general Fireproofing, Compartmentation, Intumescent Paint and Commercial Fire Doors.

Why This client Wanted To Work With an Agency

This client had never tried PPC before and had recently invested in a brand new website with a view to upping their game online. After considering various options for lead generation, the client worked with our agency partner on a combined SEO and PPC campaign, the PPC side of which we have fully managed.

Working in a specialised commercial industry, it was important for the client to get the right type of leads from the right sized businesses. Good leads from the right potential clients could be extremely high value and result in great ROI’s from even a single deal.

Where were the opportunities within the account?

Having never ran PPC before, we were working with a blank canvas and in a specialised industry. The client already had a very strong website with good landing pages, we first made a few recommendations on how these landing pages could be improved from a PPC perspective as they were primarily built for SEO and lacked enticing call to actions.

Following the website amendments, we embarked on an intensive period of keyword research and formulated a wireframe for how we proposed to build and structure the account, ensuring that all of the clients key services were adequately covered. Of key importance here was to ensure that we were targeting the right keywords and doing our best to deter small or residential (rather than commercial) work for the client, as they were only looking for specific type of work.

We also encouraged the client to track all possible leads into the website so that we had full visibility over the impact of the PPC campaigns. The client happily did so, ensuring all contact forms on the website were tracked and also signing up to a third party phone tracking software company that allows all calls to be fully tracked and attributed back to the relevant marketing source.

Following the initial build and launch of the campaign, it was first a case of ensuring maximum impression share. The client had a healthy budget which would allow them to dominate their space and rank #1 for the majority of searches. We very carefully managed the account to ensure that this was the case and maximum impressions were secured.

Over following months, after starting with a manual CPC bidding strategy, we opted to test some automated bidding strategies given the conversion data that we were now starting to accrue in the account. We found that for the larger spending campaigns, the automated bidding strategies have outperformed manual CPC, whereas the smaller scale campaigns have performed better from Manual CPC which we have maintained.

Another big observation was the fact that there were clear trends starting to emerge in terms of both day of the week and hour of day where the most leads were being generated from thePPC activity. We capitalised on this with bid adjustments to ensure maximum visibility at these key times to take advantage of the users higher capacity to commit to enquiries during these time frames.

On a similar note, we also noticed that there were clear differences in terms of performance by device for the client. Being a commercial B2B client in construction, we had found unsurprisingly that the majority of conversions were being made on computer devices, which we optimised the account for.

The Results

We are still working with this client and the results are going from strength to strength. Due to the tracking that we have employed, we have already had confirmation on a multi-million pound deal that came directly from the PPC campaigns. The ROI from this deal is likely to cover all PPC costs for multiple years given the clients modest investment in comparison to the results achieved. Below is a summary of the results achieved for the client;

  • An average of 45 leads per month.
  • A visitor to enquiry conversion rate of over 3.2%.
  • An average cost per lead of below £75.
  • Confirmed Multi-Million pound deals attributed directly to the PPC activity.