Good Health Naturally

Client Since

May 2020


Nutrition & Health Supplements

Campaign Category

E-commerce PPC, Google Shopping


About Good Health Naturally (GHN)

Founded in 1986, GHN are a long standing retailer of premium health solutions, stocking thousands amount of products on their websites internationally. They currently target the UK, US, Australian, New Zealand and Spanish markets.

Why GHN were looking for an agency to manage their PPC

GHN had used agencies and freelancers in the past, but at the time of enquiring with Maley Digital were managing their campaigns from their in house team. With their internal team shaving far more responsibilities than just PPC, they wanted to free up some of their time as well as improve the results they were achieving from PPC. Maley Digital proposed an audit of GHN’s account and started working on the account from May 2020, a month or so after the UK was in a national lockdown.

Where were the opportunities within GHN’s account(s)?

Split initially across four separate Google Ads account, each covering a different international region, there were a number of opportunities immediately present for opportunities to be made;

  • Google shopping was only live in the UK, but was significantly out performing the search campaigns in terms of sales volume and the cost per sale. We quickly recognised that getting Google shopping implemented across the other international accounts should be a priority given this.
  • The search campaigns present in the campaign were over complex and not built optimally. We could quickly see that the account would benefit from a restructure, targeting more keywords with single keyword ad groups and separating match types at ad group level for optimal management.
  • Similarly, the previous campaigns although built out fairly extensively were not using cross match negatives, meaning that the data behind their keyword match types wasn’t completely accurate.
  • Ad copy was blanketed across the campaigns with little changes made to accommodate for different search terms. Furthermore, the account was inconsistent with ad types, not using Responsive Search Ads (RSA’s) and some ad groups only containing one or two ads in total.
  • The account was so far only using standard shopping and hadn’t yet tested Smart Shopping. Whilst we sometimes advise this, it presented a good opportunity to split test smart shopping performance versus standard shopping to ensure we were getting the best out of the campaigns.

The results

Whilst we have only been managing this account for approximately 6 months and expect to build on the figures below, ourselves and the client are both very happy with the results so far. Measuring the results at the time of writing (October 2020) versus the 1st July 2020 we have achieved;

  • 27% reduction in Ad spend
  • 24% increase in conversions
  • 41% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 154% increase in conversion rate
  • 59% increase in ROAS

October to date, we are currently achieving a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 1200%. So for every £1 invested in Google Ads, they are returning £12 in revenue.