Manta Adventures

Client Since

April 2018


Kona, Hawaii (US)





Manta Adventures Inc. are a Hawaii based boat and snorkel tour specialist, offering daily private family fishing and snorkel trips alongside seasonal Whale watching.

Why Manta Adventures came to Maley Digital

Manta Adventures had never tried Google PPC before. They ranked relatively well in terms of SEO, had a great website and 5-star reviews for their services, but wanted to push their online business further and secure more sales and chose PPC as their route to do so.

What We Did

The bread and butter of Manta Adventures business is their daily snorkel trips. These are operated both at night and day, a highlight being their night time Manta Snorkel which is said to be one of the best times to experience the Manta Rays.

In order to capitalise on their key service of night time Manta Snorkel trips, we created an array of campaigns targeting this down to as specific level as possible, in order to capture as much of the available impressions as possible, knowing that the conversion rates would be good given this is the businesses primary service alongside a good website and great reviews.

Importantly, we also needed to get bookings for the daytime trips, which are not as specific on the Manta Rays. We therefore had to create campaigns targeting generic snorkel trips too which were not necessarily specific to the Manta’s.

Whale Watching is also a very possible leisure activity in Hawaii and a campaign that we created after a few months of running snorkel and manta style campaigns as it came into season. Whale Watching conversions were much more expensive than snorkel trips but were also much higher value to the client. We therefore were willing to pay a higher cost per click and maintain a higher average position for this campaign than we were willing to with the other services.

How we structured the account

We broke down each product type (ie. Manta snorkel, generic day snorkel, Whale Watching) into a campaign, with specific ad groups within each campaign to target more specific variants of the keyword, such as different activity types through to different locations/areas where the trips can take place. Each of these ad groups includes ads that are specific to those keywords, with dynamic keyword insertion tested on at least one out of the three ads set live initially per ad group.

We also set up a DSA campaign as the website was very strong with lots of content throughout. The reasons for this are that through DSA campaigns, Google are often able to find well converting keywords or keyword groups that you may not have included in the standard campaigns. This proved to be a success, with the DSA campaign providing the majority of conversions in the initial stages until we then replaced the most successful keywords from the DSA campaigns into regular search campaigns.

the results

We’ve been working with Manta Adventures for over two years now and are therefore able to report back a good number of successes from our campaigns with the client.

Comparing 2019 to 2018 (our first effective year), we were able to increase the average monthly sales by 18.5%. and comparing 2020 (to date) versus the average monthly sales in 2019, we have increased sales through PPC by 29%. This has been whilst maintaining a similar monthly budget, with only minor seasonal fluctuations in spend, also resulting in a 22% decrease in the cost per sale across the same period.

We continue to work with Manta Adventures and are consistently striving to improve the amount of bookings that come through PPC whilst reducing the cost per booking.