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May 2020



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Lead Generation PPC


About Mckie Legal

Mckie Legal are a solicitors that specialist in all areas of personal injury, clinical negligence, housing disputes for clients across England and Wales.

Why Mckie Legal Wanted To Work With an Agency

Mckie Legal had never ran PPC as a business prior to engaging with Maley Digital and were looking for a partner that could cost effectively deliver on high quality leads for a few of their specialist legal areas. Mckie Legal were simply looking for good value leads that they could generate big cases from.

Where were the opportunities within the account?

Being a brand new account, there were no immediately obvious areas of improvement from any previous campaigns. All campaigns were to start from scratch and the client wanted to focus on Dental Negligence campaigns.

We created a granular campaign structure following some keyword research around the most popular terms used in Dental Negligence. There was a wide range to choose from and we were conscious that the industry terms such as ‘DentalNegligence’ weren’t always terms that users were aware of. Rather, the majority of searches were to come from question style keywords such as ‘How do I claim from my dentist’ or ‘Dentist has ruined my teeth’, which we covered with a comprehensive campaign build.

Initially, the campaign was very slow, struggling to gain traction within its first month. We had overestimated the conversion rate from the available traffic and were following a tight Manual CPC bidding strategy to minimize costs whilst maximizing reach. After running the campaigns for the first month with only a handful of leads, we broadened our strategy and amended the bidding strategy to a more aggressive, click focused bidding strategy (Maximise Clicks) in order to increase the total traffic and subsequently the volume of leads.

The benefits of these changes were quickly realized and from here it was a case of keeping in close contact with the client to best manage the flow and quantity of leads with their internal teams as well as consistently optimizing the account to generate leads at minimum cost.

The Results

We worked with the Mckie Legal team for a period of 8 months on these campaigns until December 2020 where the client has had to pause all activity as they now have too many leads to handle. The nature of their business is that once they have enough leads and cases, these cases will keep them occupied for up to many months, meaning they can’t cope with the consistent flow of incoming leads.

Here is a snapshot of the results delivered for the client whilst we worked with them;

  • Over 50 trackable leads generated.
  • A cost per lead of £58.
  • A 3.5% conversion rate on contact form submissions.
  • Enough leads generated that the client had to cease activity.