Vemacity Gin

Client Since

November 2020


Gin Glasses & Gin Sets

Campaign Category

E-commerce PPC, Google Shopping


About Vemacity Gin

Vemacity Gin are a business that specialise in personalised Gin glasses and sets and sell 100% online. Trading since 2018, Vemacity have grown their product lines alongside their marketing channels.

Why Vemacity Gin Wanted To Work With an Agency

Vemacity had had great success on it’s core channel, Amazon, however the owners were keen to generate more direct business to their website. Having experimented with PPC themselves and also working with freelancers, they didn’t feel they’d quite got everything they could have out of PPC and therefore went on the hunt for an agency to manage their PPC and subsequently found Maley Digital.

Where were the opportunities within the account?

The account was relatively untested prior to us working on it. A few search and shopping campaigns had been created in the past generating a handful of sales, but never quite gaining the same traction as the owners had experienced from other channels.

We quickly sought an opportunity to upgrade their shopping campaign to smart shopping as well as updating their merchant centre feed. This alongside some re-vitalised search campaigns noted good improvements early on in the campaign and in our first month we recorded the best ever month for the client from Google Ads in terms of total sales, total revenue and cost per sale.

As we started working with this client at the start of November, Black Friday was also looming and we worked with the client on a variety of offers and campaigns to run in the run up and during the Black Friday weekend. From Friday 27th November until Monday 30th November, we achieved a ROAS of over 1000%, meaning the client got more than a 10 x return on their ad spend in terms of revenue.

Moving beyond Black Friday and in the run up to Christmas, we were able to profitably grow the clients account, tweaking spend between different campaign types as well as adding in new product lines that the client was developing. All in all for December, we achieved a ROAS over 600% and recorded the higher number of sales and largest revenue the client had ever delivered from their website or through previous PPC campaigns.

Since the peak months of November and December, search volume has subsided for the clients search terms so we are now working to a lower target ROAS of between 400% and 500% with budget unlimited as long as this figure is achieved. The client is thrilled and has left us a five star review.

The Results

We have only been working with the client for 4 months at the time of writing and therefore see us being able to improve these campaigns much further from where they are at now.

However, in terms of stats to date, below we have listed some highlights;

  • 9.2% account wide conversion rate during November.
  • Over 100% ROAS over Black Friday Weekend.
  • Over 600% average ROAS
  • Record Sales & Revenue in first 2 months of management consecutively