British Baby Shop

eCommerce Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Google Ads PPC Management For A UK/EU Baby Food Retailer

British Baby Shop has become a go-to online retailer for people who value the best quality baby food products for their offspring. The business started around 10 years ago as a wholesaler of British baby food. This was very successful, but after a few years they realised that they could be missing an opportunity by not selling directly to consumers.

The founder of British Baby Shop explains:

“While we originally started with a wholesale operation, we quickly found that we were getting more and more requests directly from consumers who were finding it hard to find baby products that met the standards they were looking for. Clearly when it comes to feeding your children, parents want the best they can afford and our brand is very much focused on sourcing the best baby food brands on the market.

Those of us who live in the UK and across Europe tend to take the quality of our food products for granted. But in other parts of the world, processed food manufacturing standards are not as rigorous as those found in British and EU food processing plants. As a result, British and European food brands are highly sought after in North America and the far east.

Marketing direct to consumers is very different to marketing to wholesale customers. After we launched the consumer retail site, demand from consumers was strong. But we discovered that there’s a world of difference between marketing a direct-to-consumer business compared with marketing a B2B wholesale operation.

Google Ad campaigns weren’t part of our marketing when we were focused on wholesale. But we got a sense that this approach would be important for selling directly to consumers and then realised that a strong presence on Google could be our quickest route. Because we’d never tackled this kind of marketing before, we felt it was important to work with someone with expertise in paid search who could advise us, take care of it for us and be able to help us scale the business into new markets.

Maley Digital is like an extension of our business.

In the summer of 2022 we reached out to some digital agencies to find someone who could advise and work with us on paid search campaigns. We had some initial chats. Some left us with the impression that they’d be super fast at the beginning, but would eventually crash and burn. And then we met Maley Digital. We liked what Sam had to say in our initial consultation and Dean, who looks after our day-to-day campaign management, is a real friend to the business.

We would recommend anyone to reach out to them for their PPC needs.”

Project Summary

  • Set up eCommerce conversion tracking for the client’s Shopify store using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics (GA4).
  • Creation of a fully optimised product feed and configuration of Google Merchant Centre.
  • Planned and built several Google Shopping campaigns based around each product brand and performance targets.
  • Utilised Google’s latest automated bidding systems for maximum optimisation and impact.
  • Regular monitoring, data analysis and reporting of the ad campaigns.

Past 6 Months Performance (Jun – Nov 2023, time of writing)

  • $10k spent on Google Ads
  • 18k click traffic
  • 1k purchase transactions
  • $215k purchase revenue
  • 2,230% return on ad spend (ROAS)

Future Plans

  • Increase the Google Ads budget to scale sales.
  • Roll out campaigns to additional US states.
  • Promote potential new product lines as the business grows.



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