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Outstanding PPC performance allowed Pro-Ev to drop using contractor installers and hire their own dedicated team

Pro EV’s In-House Team Wanted to Up Their Game By Working With a Dedicated Team Who Would Take Their PPC Campaigns To The Next Level

The in-house PPC team at Pro-Ev were doing a good job with their PPC campaigns. The ads were producing a profitable return, but the team identified that they had reached the limits of their expertise and needed to find a dedicated agency who could build on what they had already achieved. They also wanted to reduce the amount of time that was spent on the day to management of the PPC campaigns.

Maley Digital was selected from a number of agencies that Pro-Ev met at the start of 2021. In the February we were appointed to fully manage the client’s PPC campaigns and have continued to work with ever since. Our objective was to fine-tune, expand and rev-up their Google ad performance and generate more quality sales leads.

With a Single Product and an Easily Defined Service, Pro-EV’s Business Model Was Purpose Built For Google Ads Success

Businesses that are highly focused with one product and easily defined services are usually ripe for PPC success. Potential customers know what they are searching for generally which leads to a strong conversion rate. The client also had a great website with many landing pages. This allowed us to create a granular campaign structure with a great user experience and high relevance, resulting in quality scores and low CPCs.

From the moment we started working on the account we could see that the in-house team had done a great job. However, we could see there were still lots of opportunities to improve performance further.

Here are some of the issues that the account was facing.

  1. Ad groups contained a large number of keywords that were often conflicting. These keywords were serviced by ads that were not as relevant as they could be due to the large variation of keywords used in the same ad set.
  2. Conversion tracking was not set up 100% correctly. This meant that the account was over reporting on the leads generated.
  3. Automated bidding strategies were enabled that focused on conversions. However these were not performing optimally because the data being supplied (the conversation tracking) was not accurate so Google was optimising against the inaccuracies and not genuine leads.
  4. The account was only targeting relatively generic keyword searches. These included ‘EV Home Charger Companies’ or ‘Electric Vehicle Charger Installation’. As a result, the account was missing out on lots of other relevant keyword categories that were more specific and relevant.

a). They were not running campaigns that targeted specific car model searches. For example, many users search for the make and model of their vehicle + ‘charger installation’. With almost every manufacturer offering an electric vehicle, there was an opportunity to create a campaign targeting every EV manufacturer, landing the user on a landing page tailored to that manufacturer. Examples would be ‘Tesla Charger Installation’ or ‘BMW EV Charger Companies’.

b). The client was not previously targeting generic keywords plus the location. Many users are primarily interested in finding local companies to conduct the installation and include their location with their keyword searches. Google will not necessarily serve your ads to users from generic keywords where you don’t specify the location. By creating campaigns that included each location where the client was operational in the ad text, we could expect a higher CTR. So a user searching for ‘Electric Vehicle Installation Milton Keynes’ would be served an ad from ‘EV Charger Specialists in Milton Keynes’ and were more likely to win the work in comparison to competitors that had not gone to this level of granular detail within the ads.

c). The client also didn’t have a campaign that allowed users to search for specific types of chargers. There are multiple choices when it comes to which electric vehicle charger brand the user wants to buy, each with varying features and technology. This presented another avenue for us to target potential customers who already know the charger brand they want and are looking for someone install it.

By remedying these key issues and building out new campaigns we were able to scale the client’s Google Ad performance significantly, reaching more potential customers and converting leads at a much higher percentage than they had previously experienced.

The Results From Our Changes To The Account Were Significant and Fast

After correcting the conversion tracking on the account, we re-built the campaigns right away and set them live ASAP. Here are the results we achieved.

  • At peak performance we reduced the cost per lead by over 200%. On average, the cost per lead has decreased by 110% since February 2021, in comparison with the figures achieved from in-house management.
  • We helped facilitate a 130% increase in Ad spend for the client for a profitable return and significantly increased the volume of overall leads the business generated from PPC.
  • As a result of the increased volume of leads generated from PPC, the client was able to move from a contractor model, to having their own full-time dedicated team. This has helped them to provide a more efficient service for their customers and reduced costs for the business.

Pro-Ev generously provided us with a 5-star review, citing that our work in managing their PPC ads had saved the business so much money that our management fees are now irrelevant due to the significant increase in performance.


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