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While Label PPC Services deliver more sales leads and £ multimillion deals to fireproofing specialist

We offer a range of White Label PPC services for agencies who want to add PPC to their client service roster. This example relates to a London-based commercial fireproofing specialist who offers Fireproofing, Compartmentation, Intumescent Paint & Commercial Fire Doors.

Following the investment in a new website, this client was new to PPC and felt it was time to up their game online and take a proactive approach to digital lead generation. Fireproofing is a highly specialised industry, so ensuring that their digital marketing attracted the right kind of leads that fit a clearly defined client profile was essential.

Maley Was Asked To Manage the PPC Campaigns for this Business as  White Label PPC Partner to a London Based Digital Agency

Our agency partner helped them to consider several different options, including SEO optimisation and PPC, and we undertook to deliver a fully managed PPC service.

This was an exciting proposition. The lead generation had to focus on quality rather than quantity. Good leads from the right profile had the potential to be extremely high value and result in a high ROI on the campaign.

You can read more about our overall White Label PPC service and relationship with this (anonymous) London based Digital Marketing agency in this White Label Agency case study. 

A Blank Canvas Allowed Us To Get Everything Right From The Start

The client had never run PPC campaigns, so we worked with a blank canvas. Our agency partner had created a solid website for the client with good landing pages. However, the landing pages were written to serve the SEO activity and lacked enticing calls to action. We began by recommending how the landing pages could be improved to suit the PPC perspective.

Our next task was to start an intensive period of keyword research. We formulated a wireframe for how we proposed to build and structure the account, ensuring that all the client’s key services were adequately covered. The most important aspect of the account was ensuring we targeted the right keywords to attract commercial leads, doing our best to deter small or residential enquiries.

We also encouraged the client to track all possible leads into the website so we had complete visibility over the impact made by the PPC campaigns. All contact forms on the site were tracked, and the client signed up to a third-party phone tracking software that allows all calls to be fully tracked back to the relevant marketing source.

Focus on Ensuring the Client Dominated Their Space and Ranks for #1

Following the initial build and launch of the campaign, our next focus was on ensuring maximum impression share. The client had a healthy budget allowing them to dominate their space and rank #1 for most searches. We carefully managed the account to ensure that top ranking and maximum impressions were secured.

After starting with a manual CPC bidding strategy, we opted to test some automated bidding strategies, given the conversion data that we were now starting to accrue in the account. We found that for the larger spending campaigns, the automated bidding strategies have outperformed manual CPC, whereas the smaller scale campaigns have performed better from Manual CPC, which we have maintained.

Clear Trends Began To Emerge, Which Helped Us Fine-Tune The Ongoing Campaigns

Clear trends quickly emerged in terms of both day of the week and the hour of the day where the most leads were being generated from the PPC activity. We capitalised on this with bid adjustments to ensure maximum visibility at these key times to take advantage of the users’ higher capacity to commit to enquiries during these time frames.

We also noticed that there were apparent differences in terms of performance by device for the client. As a commercial B2B client in construction, we had found that most conversions were made on computers rather than mobile devices. This data allowed us to optimise the account further.

Quality Lead Generation For B2B and an ROI That Will Cover All PPC Costs For Many Years to Come

Our relationship with this client continues, and the results go from strength to strength. We’ve already had confirmation on a £ multimillion deal that came directly from the PPC campaigns. Considering the results achieved with the relatively modest investment, the ROI from this deal alone is likely to cover all PPC costs for many years.


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