Good Health Naturally

GHN optimises its health message across international markets with PPC

Good Health Naturally (GHN) is a leading online retailer of premium health products. The company has been at the forefront of the health industry for over 30 years and is a pioneer in ensuring its packaging and business activities are 100% ethical and sustainable.

With Thousands of Products on their Website, PPC Was An Essential Part of GHN’s Marketing Mix

GHN’s website stocks thousands of products which are sold internationally. Not surprisingly, paid search would always be an essential part of the company’s marketing strategy. The company used a range of digital agencies and freelancers to manage their PPC campaigns and then decided to take the function in-house.

Fresh Perspective and Expertise Was Needed for optimal PPC Performance

Their internal digital team were responsible for many other digital marketing functions as well as PPC, which meant their resources were spread very thin. They realised they needed external help to free up their in-house team and gain a fresh perspective on their paid search activities to generate improved results and Maley Digital was appointed to take the PPC to the next level.

We Spotted Some Immediate Opportunities To Rev Up GHN’s Google Ads

There were four separate Google Ad accounts, each covering a different international region. During our initial audit, we spotted some immediate opportunities that would beef up GHN’s results quickly.

  • Google shopping was only live in the UK Google account. We could see that it was significantly out-performing the search campaigns in terms of sales volume and the cost per sale. We recognised that implementing Google shopping across other international accounts should be a priority.
  • Search campaigns were over complex and not built for optimal performance. We identified that the account would benefit from a restructure, targeting more keywords with single-keyword ad groups and separating match types at the ad group level for optimal management.
  • Previous campaigns were not using cross-match negatives. This meant that the data behind the keyword match types weren’t entirely accurate. This was quickly resolved.
  • Ad copy was blanketed across the campaigns with few amendments made to accommodate different search terms. The account was also inconsistent with ad types and wasn’t using Responsive Search Ads (RSAs).
  • Smart shopping wasn’t being used. The account only used standard shopping, and we felt GHN was an ideal candidate for doing some split testing to compare the performance of Smart Shopping versus Standard Shopping to ensure we were getting the best possible results from every campaign.

Within six months of managing all GHN’s accounts, we provided the client with some very pleasing results.

  • 27% reduction in Ad spend
  • 24% increase in conversions
  • 41% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 154% increase in conversion rate
  • 59% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

The overall ROAS has continued to improve to an impressive 1200%. So for every £1 invested in Google Ads, GHN returns £12 in revenue.



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