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White Label PPC Services Helped An Award-Winning Agency To Minimise The Risk In Building a PPC Service Offering To Their Clients

In 2020 we were approached by a leading London-based web and SEO agency to help them bolster their client offering by introducing PPC services. The objective was to become an external white-label partner and help them to build a viable PPC client base.

Rob Phillips (not his real name), our client contact at the agency explains:

“Our agency had always focused on two main services. Website design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Over the years, many clients asked us if we offered a paid search advertising service and we always recommended another agency, or simply informed the client that it was not something we offered. We knew that our clients had money to spend on PPC and that they were willing to invest, but it always boiled down to the fact that we simply didn’t have the expertise in-house to deliver PPC to a high enough standard.

After a while, this stopped making sense to us. It was a perfectly natural and obvious progression for our business to make PPC services part of our core offering to our client base. Eventually we reached a stage where we knew we needed to take the plunge and include paid search as a service offering. But the big question was what route do we go down?”

Spending IRO £100k To Build an In-House PPC Team on Something That Was Untried and Untested felt Risky.

“Our first thought was to invest in our own team. We put the feelers out and realised that to hire just one PPC expert in London would cost somewhere in the region of £50k, plus employer National Insurance contributions, a workplace pension and a bonus structure. Then there were the costs of recruitment fees, a new laptop and specialist software/digital tools. When you added it all up, we realised that we wouldn’t get much change out of £100k – all for something that was untried and untested.

It became clear that investing in an in-house team was a risky option so we decided to look at finding a partner who could deliver a white-label PPC service to help us test the viability PPC as the third strand our existing service portfolio, and to help us build a regular PPC client base. The goal was to work with a partner who could work with us until we were ready to build our own in-house team.”

“We did some research and found Maley Digital who offered a white-label service. After a couple of meetings we felt that Maley Digital was a good fit for us and the relationship began.”

This Agency White Label Service Offered The Best of ‘All Worlds’ To Everyone

From Maley Digital’s point of view, this was an excellent example of how a white-label service can deliver the best of all worlds. The agency can minimise risk by offering a new service without the costly investment of their own team. We provided the agency with evidence of our expertise and the quality of our work which meant the agency could relax knowing that their clients were in the hands of experts who would deliver a service that met their own high standards.

We started at zero, and quickly helped the agency to grow the number of PPC clients to eight. This might not seem like a large number, but each of these clients had significant budgets to manage, and our white label relationship flourished for around 18 months.

With eight large PPC clients with ongoing budgets, Rob Phillips and this team decided this was the right time to take the PPC in-house and build their own team. We were able to do a clean handover that allowed the new in-house PPC people to pick up exactly were we left off and continue the excellent level of service and ROI we created for their clients.

Rob Phillips said: “Working with Maley Digital allowed us to introduce PPC services to our client base with minimal risk. Maley delivered an excellent service to our clients who were all thrilled with the results they got from their PPC campaigns. We’d certainly recommend Maley Digital’s White-Label service to any digital agency looking to diversify into new service offerings.”

Here are some examples of results we managed to deliver for this agency.

London-based construction company specialising in loft conversions and bespoke extensions. During the first three months of the campaign we were able to deliver:

  • 165 qualified leads at a cost of £52 per lead.
  • 110 leads in from a new style of geo campaigns.
  • Over 3.6% sales conversion rate.


Exclusive London-based wine merchant established in 1749 who were looking for a fresh pair of eyes across all their PPC campaigns. During our first 6 months of the campaign, we were able to deliver:

  • 33:1 return on ad spend. So, for every £1 spent, the client gleaned £33 in revenue.
  • PPC generated the highest volume of revenue for that time frame than they had ever achieved before.
  • The PPC campaign delivered the highest ever volume of revenue from non-brand campaigns.


Premium student accommodation in London using an exclusive membership system. We instigated a number of new automated bidding strategies and introduced campaigns to target each of the London properties individually. We also wanted to ensure the quality of traffic was premium. During the first 6 months we were able to achieve:

  • Seamless support during a resource gap during their peak sales season.
  • Improved results across the board on the Google Ads account.
  • All targets consistently met.


An industry-leading fireproofing and protection firm. This client was totally new to PPC and wanted to up their game following an investment in in a new website and SEO services. This ongoing client has achieved:

  • An average of 50+ quality leads every month.
  • Several £multi-million deals that were attributed directly to the PPC activity.
  • Conversion rate of over 6.5%, consistently increasing from the outset.


Here you can read the full story for the Fireproofing PPC case study.




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