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This white label client is a digital marketing agency based in the North West of England. The firm was started 17 years ago and specialises in serving clients in the property market. This includes residential, commercial and student property. This a competitive market that can often include seasonal highs and lows. In this case study, Joanna Atkins, a senior account handler describes how the white-label PPC partnership works for them.

Says Joanna: “We serve our clients through a number of marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, Tik Tok and so on. It’s important to make sure that everything we do is 100% focused on solving our clients’ marketing problems through the channels that will deliver the best chance of success and maximise client budgets.”

PPC gives really us insight into the customer buying journey month by month and helps us manage our budgets

She added: “PPC has been part of our service mix for at least 10 years, maybe a bit longer and is an essential part of our repertoire. Google is really the only channel where you know with certainty that people are searching with intent to potentially purchase something or take some kind of action.

“PPC because also gives us more insights into user behaviour. So for example, we have clients who are marketing student accommodation and the PPC is aimed directly at students looking for somewhere to live during term time. Their buying journey is very much shaped by the academic year. So as well as delivering sales leads for our clients, the PPC campaigns give us insight on how much demand there is each month across the year which helps us plan the budgets.

The seasonal nature of our clients’ businesses meant that it made sense to work with an external PPC partner

“We used to have our own in-house paid media team. But because of the seasonal nature of our work, crazy busy in the summer and deathly quiet in the winter, we decided that the best solution was to work with a white-label partner who could accommodate this rise and fall. While this seasonality has evened out over the years, we still find that working with an external partner works extremely well.

Maley Digital was introduced to us by a trusted source

“Our former head of PPC introduced us to Sam at Maley Digital. This was great because we had a direct recommendation from a trusted source. Sam and Jake are great to work with. They are always available if we need a chat of to discuss something about a client account. They jump on things quickly when we need them to and generally we find them very easy to work with.

“At a deeper level, we feel that Maley Digital understand our wider strategies and buy into what we are trying to achieve. They’re not afraid to ask questions and make come in with ideas. They always want understand the broader goals of each client so they can optimise each campaign and take things onto a new level.

Bespoke reports are an essential aspect of our client relationships and we rely on Maley Digital to help us deliver the information our clients expect

“Reporting is a crucial aspect of PPC. Many of our clients have investors who are buying the student accommodation properties who like to see facts and figures. This means we have to create a lot of bespoke reports targeted at investors to tell the promotion story in terms of, what has worked, what or why something hasn’t worked, then explain what we’re going to do about it.

“There have many cases where we’ve had to lean on Maley Digital for support with these special reports and they are very good at understanding what’s needed, tailoring the reports to any particularly investor, and they always deliver within the timeframe we need. That’s a real partnership. Essentially they just ‘get it’.

“The property market, and in particular the market for student accommodation, gets more competitive every year. There are more property investors entering the market and more new buildings that need to be filled with paying students. Maley are very good at looking at every campaign with fresh eyes and really drilling down into the detail to make the ads attract the kind of customer our clients want.

Maley Digital’s willingness to communicate with using our preferred platform helps us to deliver a slick and efficient service to our clients

“Another important factor that’s worth mentioning is the Maley team’s willingness to communicate with our team in the way that our clients like to work with us. We use Slack internally and with our clients and Maley Digital have fully embraced this. Working together on the Slack channel makes our communication slick and seamless and avoids the delayed responses that often happen when everyone uses email.

“Essentially, Maley Digital bring a lot of experience, specialist knowledge and wisdom to the table and they understand the way we work as an agency. The results are always excellent and our clients are happy. Our relationship with Maley Digital is everything a true white label partnership ought to be and more.”

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