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Profitable White Label PPC services for Vegan Nutrition client across the UK, Germany & USA

One of our agency partners asked us to help a client in the Vegan nutrition supplement market. They sell a range of products, including premium protein powders and liquid vitamin drops. The brief was pretty straightforward; to improve their sales results from the Google search channel.

The details of the business in this case study have been kept anonymous as we fulfilled this work through our White Label PPC service.

PPC Results Were Lagging Behind The Clients Other Digital Marketing Channels

The client had been running PPC for several years and had seen some fairly decent results. But over time, they noticed that their PPC sales were lagging behind the performance of their other marketing channels, such as organic search and social media. They were curious why PPC wasn’t following the same sales trajectory as their other marketing efforts. They were also keen to expand their sales into Germany and the USA.

We Identified Many Opportunities To Quickly Improve PPC Results

We first noticed that the client was not running campaigns for all their products. In order to include more products in the campaigns, they were happy to uncap the budget so long as the ROI was above 300%. So we quickly set about adding new campaigns to cover the client’s full range of products as well as updating their shopping feeds to include newly released products.

Optimising Campaign Structures

The next job was to rebuild the campaign structures because those created by the client were not optimal for the performance they wanted. We built out campaigns per-product, each with a BMM and Exact Match campaign variant.

Within each campaign, we had single keyword ad groups to target every available keyword relevant to each product. We also built up a significantly larger list of negative keywords as some of the more generic keywords used had brought in a large number of irrelevant searches, such as, people looking for information on what foods they can eat as a vegan or ‘how to become vegan’, not searches that were converting cost-effectively into sales.

Beyond re-building the campaigns, we found that previously used ads were too generic and weren’t doing the products justice. This client is a market leader in their field with a lot to shout about in terms of their products, so we comprehensively re-wrote all of the ads and made sure to include responsive text ads, which hadn’t previously been utilised.

Taking the PPC Strategy International

The client was thrilled with the results they were getting from our improvements in just a few months. They then briefed us on their expansion plans into the USA and Germany. They had previously run a few campaigns in the USA market but couldn’t make them cost-effective.

Our approach was to replicate a similar campaign structure for both the USA and Germany. We initially built the German campaign structure in English. Then we had all the keywords translated into German, which was essential to ensure the keywords were fully relevant to the German market. This meant we could manage the ads account as if it were in English.

When entering new markets, you can’t rely on brand recognition to help improve the conversion rate, so you have to be clever to compete against market leaders.

In both international campaigns, we started slowly, keeping bids low to glean as much data as possible before gradually increasing the budgets. The client’s website was well equipped to handle international traffic, and over time we have been able to significantly improve sales at a profitable ROAS, which greatly pleased the client as this was something they were not able to achieve before.

PPC Results In The UK In 2020 Have Delivered a Revenue Over 500% Higher Than When Maley Took over the Account in 2018

  • We started work on the UK account in September 2018 when the campaign was spending in the region of £2,500 per month and was achieving an average of 200 transactions per month.
  • By September 2018 we had doubled average monthly sales while reducing the cost per sale marginally. The increase in revenue was over 150%.
  • Fast forward to our most recent results, from January 2020 through to May 2020, we consecutively achieved the highest revenue the company had ever achieved from PPC every month while continuing to make the cost per sale cheaper.
  • In our best month, we achieved just under 1,000 transactions from PPC and a revenue over 500% higher than the account was first achieving when we started back in September 2018.
  • Campaigns in the USA & Germany went from zero to becoming consistently profitable month on month
  • The company had previously tried to run campaigns in the USA but needed help to make it profitable, whereas Germany was a completely new market for the client.
  • In the USA, our goal was to take the account from unprofitable to delivering consistent profits. However, we have taken this further and have achieved consistent monthly records in terms of sales and revenue from PPC every month since March 2020.
  • For the campaigns in Germany, we have taken the campaigns from 0 to almost 100 monthly orders within the most recent (and best performing) month with a ROAS of over 350%.

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