Vermacity Gin

Vermacity Gin is a London-based designer and retailer of personalised products made for gin and cocktail lovers.

The company was founded in 2017 by two gin-loving friends, Harks & Kabir. Their vision was to create amazing experiences through their products that enhance the way people enjoy gin and cocktails at home.

Veracity is a 100% online brand. They sell through their own website and through multiple online retailers such as Amazon, Etsy, Yumbles, Sendit and other specialist gift online outlets.

Excellent sales through 3rd party retailers, but less so via their own website

The recent consumer boom in gin appreciation meant that Veracity’s products were a big hit, and the brand quickly became very successful on Amazon and the other 3rd party digital channels. However, the volume of sales coming directly from their own website were not as buoyant as they had initially hoped.

To drive more traffic to their site, Veracity began experimenting with PPC. First by themselves and then through the help of a couple of freelancers. They saw some early results but somehow felt that they weren’t maximising the potential that PPC could deliver. They decided that it was time to enlist professional help from a specialist agency, and Maley Digital entered the picture.

We quickly saw the potential to significantly grow Veracity’s PPC results

When we took over the account, we spent time analysing at the campaigns that Veracity had initially created. They had tried some Google Shopping campaigns, which created a handful of sales, but they never gained the same degree of success that came from their 3rd party retailers.

We immediately spotted an opportunity to upgrade their shopping campaigns to ‘smart shopping’ and update their their merchant centre feed. Alongside this, we revitalised their search campaigns. We quickly saw good improvements, and during that first month we recorded the best ever month from Google Ads in terms of total sales, total revenue and cost per sale. Naturally the client was delighted with thesee arly results.

Maximising the Black Friday and Christmas sales trading period

Our work with Veracity started at the start of November. After changing and upgrading the initial paid search strategy, we were aware that Black Friday and the critical Christmas retail trading period was looming on the horizon.
To maximise the run up to Christmas, we worked with Veracity to create a variety of offers and campaigns for the Black Friday weekend. From Friday 27th November until Monday 30th November, we achieved a ROAS of 1000%, which meant that the client got more than 10 x return on their ad spend in terms of sales.

After the Black Friday campaigns, we moved onto the Christmas retail period and were able to profitably grow the client’s account. We tweaked the ad spend between different campaign types and also added in new product lines. By the end of December, we achieved a ROAS of over 600% and records the highest number of sales and largest revenue the client had ever delivered from their own website, or through any previous PPC campaigns.

Our campaigns continue to deliver record sales for from the client’s website

After the peak trading periods of November and December, all retail sectors will see search volumes tail off. Even so, the Veracity account is still delivering a consistent a ROAS of between 400% and 500%.

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