In House PPC Support

You don’t always need an agency to manage your PPC. In fact, for larger clients or those with frequently changing products/messages, we encourage the creation of in house PPC departments.

Many members of our team (including our founder), came from an in-house PPC background where they led the department and had large budgets at their disposal. We found that team members with in-house experience typically offer more value to our clients as they are afforded the luxury of their entire working schedule on a single brand or group of brands (their employer), which means they have on average spent more

time on the small details and aren’t able to delegate or avoid any troublesome issues that arise. Some brands also require a high level of maintenance with PPC, such as frequent offer changes or new product additions, where the type of PPC work required is very manual and monotonous, meaning that an in-house PPC team is simply more cost effective than outsourcing to an agency.

Here at Maley Digital, our aim is to improve our clients PPC performance no matter how they utilise our service. As a result, we relish the opportunity to work with in-house teams and help them perfect their PPC strategy.

Who should use our in-house PPC Manager service?

This service offering is built for medium and large sized businesses that typically employ at least one PPC specialist in house. The reasons you might benefit from this service could be that;

  • You would like help building an in-house PPC department but don’t have the relevant skills or experience internally to get started.
  • You have appointed a PPC Specialist in house, but you think that they’d benefit from help with strategy creation and implementation from a seasoned expert.
  • You simply want a second opinion on your in-house PPC performance to ensure it’s performing as efficiently as possible.
  • You’re launching a new avenue to your business (such as pivoting to target consumers after historically being a B2B business) and want to develop a PPC strategy around this.
  • You’re going through a period of growth or change and want to formulate a long term PPC strategy.
  • You would like to ensure your overarching PPC strategy is still relevant and that your team are making full use of Google’s new features and are adapting with the times.
  • You would like guidance on how your PPC department can support, and be supported by the rest of your business.
  • You would like to ensure that your PPC strategy is fully embedded with your wider marketing strategy and other marketing departments.

How does this service work?

This service is completely different to our PPC Management service. Here are some of the key features;


We bill for this service on a day rate for the time our experts spend with your team. This is pre-agreed upon your requirements with no surprises.


This service is completely flexible with no contractual commitment required. We only charge for the time used and there is no obligation to continue this service (or any of our other services) once you feel you’ve got the value you require from it.


We can advise on how our team should spend their time, but ultimately this is completely up to you. Our time can be spent on anything from auditing your accounts through to strategy creation, training of your internal team or even conducting technical interview assessments for PPC candidates.


This service does not include any PPC Management; we are here to advise and lead your internal teams to improve your PPC performance. We are happy to assist with campaign creation where required, but the purpose of the service is to improve the performance and efficiency of your internal PPC team, rather than manage it on their behalf.


Typically, we will conduct a process of due diligence on your PPC activity. Taking into account everything from your business goals, team set up, current performance, resource capabilities and more. We will then present back to you our recommended long term PPC strategy, from here you can choose to;

Implement the findings and PPC strategy yourselves/with your internal resource.

Implement the findings and PPC strategy internally but utilise Maley Digital for on-going Consultancy support.

Assign Maley Digital to implement the findings of the PPC Consultancy and deliver your PPC Strategy.

This service is ultimately bespoke to each individual clients requirements and we can adapt our approach to suit your specific needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.