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Maley Digital are a UK based high growth PPC-only digital  marketing agency. Specialising in the single channel of PPC (currently encompassing Search Engine and Social PPC), we are driven to deliver the best results, service and value for their growing client portfolio in the industry. Choosing not to focus on traditional agency approach encompassing office dogs, table tennis and bean bags, we’re committed to a specific and expert service where results, pro-activity and value are our primary objectives.

We have been trading for almost two years and has had great success in growing a diverse range of PPC clients. Having now found our footing and having solidified our offering, we are always looking for experienced PPC contractors and freelancers to support our teams.

The Role

You need to be an experienced PPC specialist (a minimum of five years experience in a PPC-only role) and live and breathe PPC. Our growing team require support from experienced PPC veterans.

You will be based remotely indefinitely and can work from anywhere within the UK.

You will be predominantly specialised in Google/Search Ads, however any additional specialties such as Social, Video or display will also be highly valued. Maley Digital have  a diverse mix of lead gen and E-commerce style clients so aren’t limited to specific industries, but we do value strengths in specific verticals if you have them.

As a self employed worker, you let us know how much capacity you have to work with us and we’ll fit your work around that. We have high standards both within the PPC work we deliver and how we manage our clients, therefore our ideal PPC Freelancers are experienced in both their specialist knowledge and their ability to communicate with clients.

What’s in it for you

We are only looking for the most experienced PPC freelancers who can deliver excellent results and excellent service. In return, we offer industry leading packages that include;

  • An opportunity to lead client accounts and take a majority percentage of a clients retainer.
  • The ability to work with and learn from a network of vastly experienced PPC specialists.
  • Fully flexible working hours.
  • Bonuses for landmarks.

If you are interested in applying, please fill in the form below. Be sure to include details of your experience and a brief note on what you’d like to get out of us working together.

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