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PPC Management

We are a team of Paid Media experts who go above and beyond to improve our clients performance across a range of Paid Media Management services. We currently manage client accounts across Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads.

We only offer PPC Management and are experts in the field. We are worth considering for any business that is looking to acquire full confidence in their PPC efforts and enjoy a professional service along the way. We have three distinct services across the three paid media channels we currently support clients on; full scale PPC management, PPC audits and In House PPC consultancy. Our role is to help your business achieve optimal

performance from PPC through the medium of whichever of these three services is most relevant and beneficial to your position.

We appreciate that we are in a competitive industry and it can be difficult navigating through all the noise. We encourage prospective clients to read reviews on our service – we are currently the only PPC agency in the UK who is rated at 5.0 on (100% of our reviews are 5 star). We also have a wealth of detailed PPC case studies where we spare no details in how we’ve approached campaigns for our clients, and you can find a range of detailed PPC insights and information in our PPC Knowledge hub.

If you’re considering options for a new PPC partner, why not give us the opportunity to audit your PPC account for free? At the least, you could get validation that your current PPC partner is doing a great job and at the most we could improve your performance significantly.

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    Our Services

    PPC Audit

    PPC Audits

    Our Audits don’t only highlight the key opportunities for improvement, but we also provide a scale of how much we think your performance could be improved.

    In-House PPC Consultancy

    In-House PPC Consultancy

    Work with an experienced Paid Media Specialist to enhance, grow or even create your own in-house PPC team.

    PPC Management

    PPC Management

    Expert Management of your PPC on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads.

    Why work with Maley Digital?

    • We only do PPC. We have invested the time to perfect our approach and do not offer any other service.
    • Our team have a minimum of five years’ experience in PPC-only roles.
    • We don’t have to manage your Paid Media Channels, we also offer a PPC Audit and In House PPC Consultancy service for businesses where this is not appropriate.
    • All clients are managed by a single Paid Media Manager per channel, who manages their account from start to finish, from implementation to reporting.
    • We do not pay to enter industry awards so that we can cite ourselves as an ‘award winning’ agency. Our measure of success is the improvement in performance we’re able to deliver for our clients and the feedback they share with us.
    • Our biggest commercial investment is our resource, for which we offer market leading renumeration and benefits in return for exceptionally high standards.
    • We have minimised unnecessary overheads, such as high-tech offices and opted for a predominantly remote model of working with a modest HQ based in Chester. The result being an excellent value service in comparison to our average competitor.
    • We are rated 5.0 on by our clients and 100% of our clients would recommend us.
    • We don’t require long contracts and relish the opportunity to prove our worth to you.

    Our Clients

    All of the businesses logos presented below here are examples of businesses that we manage Paid Media campaigns for to this day. We are happy to provide references from any of our existing clients once a potential client expresses a commitment to work with us.

    Meet the Team


    Managing Director


    Office Manager


    PPC Manager


    PPC Manager


    PPC Manager


    PPC Manager


    PPC Manager


    PPC Manager

    Case Studies

    We have a growing list of detailed case studies that showcase our approach with various clients from start to finish. We don’t hold back on the detail so you get a raw understanding of why we took the approach that we did, and what the exact outcome of our efforts were.

    INDUSTRY | Gin Glasses & Gin Sets


    Vemacity Gin are a business that specialise in personalised Gin glasses and sets and sell 100% online....

    • 9.2% account wide conversion rate
    • Over 100% ROAS over Black Friday Weekend
    • Over 600% average ROAS

    INDUSTRY | Construction


    This company is a London based commercial fire proofing specialist, offering services such as general Fireproofing, Compartmentation,...

    • 45 leads per month
    • Conversion rate of over 3.2%
    • Average cost per lead of below £75

    INDUSTRY | Fuel Supplies


    Logs Online was established in early 2020 as a leading online supplier of kiln dried logs and...

    • 750% ROAS
    • 2% Conversion rate
    • High average order value

    INDUSTRY | Health and Nutrition


    This client is anonymised as we have worked with them on a White Label Basis. They are...

    • 500% increase in revenue
    • 470% increase in total sales
    • 500% ROAS

    INDUSTRY | Health and Nutrition


    Good Health Naturally are a leading international supplier of health and wellbeing supplements…

    • 41% decrease in cost per sale
    • 154% increase in conversion rate
    • 1200% ROAS