White Label PPC

The most cost effectice way to provide a premium
PPC management service for your agency.

White Label PPC

Are you an agency or a consultant who is either not familiar with PPC or who is focused on other aspects of your business?

We support agencies across the UK with their PPC management on a fully white label basis, ensuring their campaigns perform to the best level possible and allowing the agencies to focus on growing the other aspects of their businesses.

We offer the very best in PPC expertise alongside a low overheads model, meaning that we can be competitive on price and ensure that there is still plenty of margin for you as the direct agency.

We only offer PPC and all of our team members are PPC veterans, your PPC couldn’t be in better hands and you get all the praise when we do a great job.

How Does White Label PPC Work?

We’re flexible in our approach and can work with you to find a mutually beneficial arrangement for your PPC clients. Typically, wherever possible we treat an agency looking to white label their PPC with us as a single client and therefore assign a single account manager so that you have a single point of contact who knows your accounts inside and out.

When offering white label PPC, our job is the PPC and everything that comes with it (including the reports) and your job is the client communication. If you’re looking to refer PPC clients to us on a commission basis, then we’ll take the client as our own and pay you a commission instead – the choice is yours!

Benefits of White Label PPC

  • We only do PPC, nothing else. We’re field experts so you don’t have to be.
  • We have a 100% retention rate for our white label clients.
  • We can automate reports, brand them for you and create fantastic resources for you to share with your clients to showcase the results.
  • We can work to either fixed price retainers, or on a price-per-account basis. It’s up to you.

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