White Label PPC Services Designed To Make You Look Good

For ambitious and growing digital agencies who want to offer their clients a premium PPC service.

Our specialist expertise allows you to focus on developing your core services, while we get on with delivering high performing campaigns for your clients. We work behind the scenes for a number of leading agenices and no one knows we're there.

You’ll be a perfect match for our White Label PPC if…

How does our White Label PPC service work?

Our focus is on delivering outstanding PPC services for our clients regardless of whether they come via agencies or direct.

PPC is all we do, and modesty aside, we’re very good at it. We’re not interested in cosying up to your clients, our relationship is with you, and we want your clients to believe that you are the best thing that ever happened to them.

You get a dedicated PPC Manager who will know your client PPC accounts inside out.

We can generate bespoke reports and create amazing resources emblazoned with your brand.

We work on a fixed retainer on a per client basis. Initially this is bespoke to your clients, but once we know how you like to work we will provide a tiered template so you know exactly what our fee will be for each new client you onboard, before you onboard them.

When it comes to how we manage your clients, you have two options – more on this below!

Your two routes to White Label PPC success

Fully Integrated

Your fully outsourced PPC service. This is our most premium White Label offering.

Partially Integrated

Outsource all of your PPC Management and reporting, but you take care of client comms.

Trusted By
Leading Brands

Winning New Business

Once you’re an established White Label client of ours, our service doesn’t have to stop at delivering excellent PPC results and account management.

We appreciate that in some cases, you don’t have the right level of PPC experts in house to be consistently and confidently winning new PPC clients. This is where we can help.

For long established clients, we also offer an audit and pitching service to help you win and solidify new PPC clients. This might come from your existing client base or from new leads. This is a paid for service on a per audit/pitch basis and is only available once we have established and aligned our processes with yours.

Tell us about your agency and how an expert PPC management could fit into your strategy.

The Nitty Gritty

To help you get more insight into what we do, and how we work, we’ve compiled some information on our most frequently asked questions.

In short, you can expect better results than you’re currently getting, or we’ll recommend that you stick with your existing PPC provider.

The truth is, no one can guarantee the exact revenue or performance your ads will deliver any more than a bookie can accurately predict who’ll win the Grand National. (Not without the powers of Mystic Meg anyway).

As you can imagine, there are a significant number of variables in play at any one time that determine the results of any PPC campaign such as the quality of your website, the market demand for your product or service, your pricing, or the level of awareness created by your other marketing activities and so on.

What we can guarantee is the quality of our data, the honesty of our feedback on the state of your existing PPC campaigns, and an assessment of the likelihood of success. So, a while a bookie can’t give a 100%  guarantee of the race winner, they can look at form, past performance, who else is in the race, and the conditions of the racecourse on the day to give racing fans a good indication on
what’s likely to happen.

This is why we have a finely tuned Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) as the first step before working with any new client. If we believe we can improve your current performance, we’ll tell you why and how. If we don’t think we can deliver an improvement, we’re recommend you stay where you are.

Our goal is to onboard you and to get your PPC campaigns performing as quickly as possible.

Our streamlined process is efficient and works very well. Here’s how it works.

Once the legal paperwork is sorted, you are introduced to your PPC manager who will invest time getting under the skin of your business. They will also talk to you about your goals and require all the information needed to work to get your account up and running.

The kick off phase takes around two weeks, during which time we will

  • Gathered all the information we need that could impact your PPC
  • Completed thorough checks or have fully set up the tracking
    required that allows us to present you with accurate reporting and
  • Presented our recommendations and commenced with building your campaigns ready for your approval and sign off.

We’ll be closely monitoring and fine tuning your campaigns. Your PPC manager will keep you up to date on your PPC performance with regular
catch ups (frequency depends on your service tier).

Each of our service tiers has a minimum set of hours that we allocate to each client account.

We make sure we allow sufficient time to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. Our policy is to do whatever it takes to deliver, even if that means exceeding the allocated number of hours available. Your service level tier will only ever change if the scope of work changes significantly.

The quality of service is the same for each of our tiers. The only difference is the number of reporting hours allocated to your account.

There are so many specific pieces of work that go into managing each PPC account that answering this question in detail would be like writing ‘War & Peace’. In addition, every client has different needs, objectives, and campaign specific variables.

The short answer is that we will use every lever available to us to squeeze
maximum value and performance out of your PPC campaigns.

Naturally we understand there needs to be an element of trust. Our work is logged and documented so you can see chapter and verse on what we’ve been doing on your behalf.

– Most advertising platforms (such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads) have a
log of all the changes made on your account. In the spirit of full transparency, you can review this to see what we’ve been working on. We’re not sure that too many other agencies are keen to highlight this feature to their clients!

– Our regular client update calls and reports also keep you up to speed with our activity together with our recommendations for ongoing tweaks changes to your campaigns.

– Ultimately, our results speak for themselves. Our clients rarely ask what
we’ve been up to when they’re seeing strong improvements to their core
KPI’s as a direct result of the work we’ve undertaken.

Monthly retainer

We charge a fixed monthly retainer for our PPC Management that works on a Tiered basis.

Once you’ve had your Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) call with us and a PPC
audit (if required), you’ll be assigned a service level Tier which will detail your fixed monthly fee and all that comes with it.

For full clarity, our entry level Tier (Tier 1) starts at £549 per month + VAT.

Set up fee

The work in setting up a new account is very ‘front loaded’. There’s a lot of research, data to gather and campaign settings to get right. We charge a set up
fee that covers all that work (typically during the first two weeks). This includes:

  •  A kick off call with everyone required from your side, our Managing Director and your dedicated PPC Manager.
  • Full conversion tracking set up (typically via Google Tag Manager) to track all possible conversions via Google Ads. If conversion tracking is already in place, we will thoroughly review this and fix any errors if present.
  • Gaining access to all platforms relevant to the work we’re undertaking for you – for example (but not limited to), Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Centre, Google Tag Manager, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, or your websites CMS.
  • Carried out all ‘quick win’ changes within your PPC accounts that were presented in your audit, or reviewed during this kick off period.
  • Creating the initial campaign sets (including full campaign structure and Ad copy) for accounts in lower Tiers, or have provided a full strategy breakdown for our first months work for clients assigned a larger tier (where it would not be possible to build the new campaigns within this time frame or we don’t recommend doing so).

Set up fees are discussed with you at the start of our work together.

All clients start on an initial 3-month rolling contract without exception. If you are looking to run PPC for a month and see if it works, we aren’t the agency for you.

We’re confident that we’ll be doing a good job for you, so there’s no need to fence our clients in with lengthy contracts. We’re proud of the fact that we’re still serving many clients who started working with us when we first opened our doors.

The only exception to this is if a client specifically wants to partner with us on a long term basis.

You tell us!

We’re not into making exaggerated claims that we’re revolutionarily different to other PPC companies. But what we can say is this:

– We only do PPC. We live and breathe it. This means we’re not distracted
by your social media or email campaigns. We focus on your PPC
performance and offer our clients a deeper and highly detailed level of

– There’s no fancy office in an achingly hip postcode with bean bags and
 Playstations. Nor is there a cheeky office Labradoodle. We also don’t do
 schmoozy client dinners or spend your fees on expensive events. We
 invest our money on hiring the best people in the industry. We’re not antisocial, we’re only interested in delivering results for our clients.

– Our people really are the best in the industry. We only hire PPC experts with a minimum of five years’ hands on experience in a PPC only role which means you’ll never be fobbed off with an intern or inexperienced graduate managing your account.

– The only thing that matters is the results we deliver for you.