About Us

Maley Digital are a UK based high growth PPC-only digital marketing agency.

Specialising in the single channel of PPC (encompassing Search Engine and Social PPC), Maley Digital are driven to deliver the best results, service and value for their growing client portfolio in the industry. Choosing not to focus on traditional agency approach encompassing office dogs, table tennis and bean bags, we’re committed to a specific and expert service where results, pro-activity and value are our primary objective.

Why work with Maley Digital?

  • We only do PPC, nothing else.
  • Each member of our team has a minimum of five years PPC experience.
  • We have a low minimum management fee, which means businesses of almost all sizes can work with us.
  • We don’t require long contracts, we’re confident in our ability to deliver.
  • We work remotely across the UK. Flash city centre offices, office dogs, bean bags, pool tables and fancy coffee machines are not factored into our management fees.
  • Our Google Ads audits are the most thorough, insightful, and actionable in the industry.
  • 100% of our reviews are 5 star and growing every week.
  • Oh and we’re a Google Partner, but who isn’t?

Why PPC-Only?

We’ve set out to the best-in-class in the PPC field and this would be much more difficult if our attention was divided across multiple service lines. We’ve chosen to perfect this single craft so we can become true experts.

On boarding PPC
UK PPC Experts

Why Remote?

The ‘pandemic’ wasn’t the stimulus for us going remote, we’ve been remote since our inception. We’re also keen to highlight that remote doesn’t mean that our team compromises of ‘some guys we found on Upwork’, we just don’t have a central office premises, but all our team are from the UK.

Being remote for us simply allows us to invest as much as possible into delivering better results and service and allowing us to grow. We have minimal overheads so we can pay our team above market rates and incentivise them with bonuses based around client retention.

Working with Maley Digital you can rest assured that 100% of your fee is going towards expert personnel that are responsible for your PPC success. We don’t have to charge inflated fees to finance our city centre offices filled with pool tables or midweek ‘team days out’ to the zoo.

Meet the Team

Our team are a small, but an experienced and hungry team of PPC experts. All of our team members had at least 5 years’ experience in a hands on, PPC only role before joining our team.

We work almost entirely remotely and are based all over the UK. Below you can see our great team, with some details of their experience and specialities.


Managing Director

Running PPC-only agencies

Years of Experience
8 Years, 6 Months (Jul 2013)


PPC Specialist

Lead generation, Travel, B2B

Years of Experience
6 Years, 11 Months (Feb 2015)



PPC Specialist

Automotive, Lead Generation

Years of Experience
16 Years, 10 Months (Mar 2005)


PPC Specialist

Google Shopping, E-commerce & Retail

Years of Experience
10 Years, 4 Months (Sep 2011)


Client Support

PPC Strategy & Client Support

Years of Experience
3 Years, 10 Months (Mar 2018)