Why Our Approach Works

We’re passionate about PPC and believe that our team and business model are able to provide a service that is of the highest quality and best value in the industry.

About Our Model

  • We only do Google Ads PPC, nothing else.
  • We hire only the best and our team work remotely; we don’t let geography get in the way of hiring the industry’s top talent.
  • No minimum Ad spend – we work with clients of all sizes.
  • We’re happy to work on fixed price retainers and charge based on the time your account requires rather than just the budget you spend.
  • Given our low overheads approach and respective of our team’s expertise, we offer significantly better value than the typical agency.

Our PPC Experts are the Best

By setting high entry requirements and offering the best perks, you’ll find that you’re in a much better position to choose only the best people available. Each member of our team works 100% remotely and is required to have a minimum of 5 years’ PPC experience alongside up-to-date Google accreditation’s.

Our team has been strategically selected to give us coverage across the majority of the UK, which has also meant that we aren’t restricted to certain localities when hiring staff – PPC is quite a niche field and it’s often a struggle to find the best, most experienced people outside of the big cities without the option of remote working.

Why do we only do PPC?

Without compromise, we want to deliver the best service and value to our clients and ultimately become industry leaders in the PPC field. We’re simply not interested in any other areas of digital marketing and aren’t going to pretend that we are.

UK PPC Experts

PPC Experts Nationwide

Our PPC experts work 100% remotely and are based strategically across the UK. We’ve found that homeworking makes our team exceptionally productive and it also allows us to cover the entire country, with a PPC expert never too far away for clients that prefer in person meetings.

Remote working also removes the need for large office premises, an overhead which typical agencies have to pass onto the client. Simply put, this allows us to be more flexible and reduces our costs, meaning we don’t have to charge clients as much as other agencies to make the same amount of profit.

We do have on demand office space and meeting rooms available in both Manchester and London which we utilise for client and team meetings.

Getting in Touch

Once you’ve got in touch with Maley Digital, our founder Sam will personally contact you in order to find out more about your business and what you’re trying to achieve with your PPC efforts. Once these details are obtained, Sam will review your requirements and select the PPC Expert with the most relevant experience to take charge of your audit.

Upon choosing the most relevant PPC Expert, Sam will break down the requirements to the specialist and request a full account audit and strategy proposal. We are then happy to present this to you in person or over a video call/screenshare at your convenience.

Mobile PPC Ads
PPC Audit Presentation

About our Account Audit

What dierentiates our audits from the rest is their extremely comprehensive nature. We really look for every possible opportunity with an account and believe that there’s always improvements that can be made, even to accounts that are performing excellently. Our audits aren’t designed to undermine your teams or current agency – if the account is running great, we’ll tell you that. We treat every audit the same and endeavour to highlight 100% of the available opportunities.

As a result of this comprehensive service, our audits aren’t free. We charge a at fee of £199 per audit. The reason we charge for audits is because these are extremely thorough reviews, typically consisting of over 30 slides which we present to you either digitally or in person. We use no automation and the audits are all written manually by a member of our team. However, if you choose to work with us on an ongoing basis, this fee is revoked.

Request an Audit

Once you’re on board

Once you’ve partnered with us, the PPC Expert who created your audit and strategy becomes your main point of contact and they will personally carry out all the work required on your account. The dierence with our PPC Experts is that they’ve chosen to work with you – we don’t force accounts upon our team and instead they choose which and how many clients they want to work for.

Typically, once the arrangement is agreed our specialist will arrange a meeting with you to kick things off. Here you’ll commonly agree things such as report frequency, KPIs, points of contact, meeting requirements and so on.

We don’t tie you into any long contracts or complicated terms, as standard we work with an initial 3-month contract which then transitions to a 1-month rolling arrangement.

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